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If you’ve recently become single or just turned 31 and are beginning to notice how dating has changed, you came to the right place. Just as you should be open to dating a divorcee, you should also be open to dating someone younger than you. Their relationship works because they are madly in love and they support each other in the ways that they both need to be supported.

Plus, they have a great time together and neither of them could imagine a world without the other person in it.

Dating is new to their vocabulary, and preserving their virginity until they get married plays an important role in the Cambodian culture.

“Cambodian mates [male or female] are categorised as either traditional or modern, and are bound by strong cultural Khmer practices in terms of relationship to the opposite sex.

The number of single friends is dwindling, so there is also more pressure to be coupled up.

Dating is hard at any age, but even more so in your 30s. One of my girlfriends is 35, and she just married a 27-year old.

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The New Rules might not explain the great mystery, but they offer certain coping strategies in the meantime. Tzippi Sha-ked: It started as a casual conversation. Parents provide input when helping kids choose a car, a career, a vacation – but God forbid they meet the date in the early stages of a budding relationship. National-religious kids are brought up with less contact with the opposite sex than secular youngsters. Tzippi Sha-ked runs Points of Contact, a matchmaking network for Anglo-Israelis.There’s a checklist: (refrains from physical contact, in accordance with the Halacha)? Often, it’s not until university that they mix more naturally with the opposite sex. But the bottom line is that in the nonreligious world, the whole scene is far more flexible, more go with the flow.I identify much more with the characters and their struggles. Because dating in your 30s is very different from dating in your 20s.The playing field is narrower; if you want kids, the biological clock is ticking; and as you're older, you’re naturally carrying around a lot more baggage.

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