What to say in internet dating

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Men don’t want to feel like they’re being grilled by their mothers.

When it comes to online dating, the research is conclusive: Keep it simple (that’s just the data!

This is your first impression, and it’s important you get it right. Do Be Specific and Personalize Your Message When reaching out to a match, you should show them that you’ve actually read their profile by personalizing your message.

Being generic won’t win you many points or responses.

'Claiming to be looking for someone who isn't shallow or superficial, then listing all the physical traits you have to have (e.g.

no fatties, must have at least C cup breasts),' one user said.

and, in fact, get you exactly what you want: responses, phone numbers, dates, and success.

Pick-up lines are overused and won’t tell your matches anything substantial about you as a person. Let the person of interest see that you’re someone special and worth getting to know. Do Ask a Question or Two Asking a question is the best way to get someone to respond to you.

No matter how polite and charming you are, if you don’t give the person something to say back, you’re probably going to get silence for all your efforts. Don’t Use Bad Grammar or Spelling It’s just sloppy to send out a message with blatant spelling or grammatical mistakes in it. Failing to correct an error sends the message that you don’t care about what you’re saying or how you say it. Even something as simple as changing “ur” to “your” elevates the message, showing that you’re someone to be taken seriously.

As you can see here, you should just avoid them: Consider doing sex for him.

While we see this one as a little tongue-in-cheek, the data doesn’t lie: You should definitely consider performing sex for him if you want to see any kind of response to your message. An introductory message should be bright and cheery.

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