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Her cofounder, Mary Ann Zeman, lives in Connecticut, while Alana Mahoney, who manages the company’s relationships with pet shelters, serves on the board of the Massachusetts Animal Coalition and lives in Hopkinton.

Julie Uthoff, founder of Pawfect Life Rescue in Uxbridge, has already placed some dogs through the service. “It asks very pointed questions to really get adopters thinking about what they want.” Advertisement One such adopter, Tracy Rovezzi of Sturbridge, found her new dog Thor on the site.

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When shopping around for a new suitor, several potential deal breakers immediately come to mind.

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A matchmaking personals service for you or your pets.” You can look for a date for your poodle, yourself, or both of you! This site is built around the philosophy that only other dog lovers can truly appreciate the bond between humans and their loyal companions. So, if the thought of dating someone who doesn’t like your dog makes you cringe, this might be the dating site for you.

If avoiding crowds and cruising the countryside on horseback is your scene, then Equestrian Cupid is right up your alley.

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