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A series of churches display these traditional pieces of art, the papier-mâché nativities are displayed in the Church of San Rocco, the elaborate Neapolitan Nativities and high art nativities are in the Basilica Collegiata di San Sebastiano.This colorful Saint day celebration begins gradually over the month of November and reaches its climax over a three day pageant celebration filled with formal ceremonies, processions and fireworks over the 3rd,4th and 5th of December, officially coming to an end on the 11th of December with the procession of the Saint’s relics around the town.That should not surprise us: Sicily throughout the ages was one of the most fertile islands, because of its geological characteristics and its climate.If we add to that the abundance of game and fish, we are in a position to comprehend how very rich the Sicilian kitchen could be even then.Also blame Sicilian nuns, closeted away in convents with little to do but pray and bake cakes.Novice nuns made marzipan concoctions, transmuted today into rather more sacrilegious-sounding nibbles such as "virgins' breasts" and "chancellors' buttocks." They look vividly as described and can be embarrassing to eat.The Christmas Nativity has always been a font of inspiration for folk artists who choose to represent the manger scene every year as part of the festive celebrations.

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Above all, the Arabs increased agricultural production: today we are accustomed to associating Sicily as a Goddess of the earth,with oranges and lemons, and the “Conca d’oro” and “Piana di Catania” with the beauty of their green mantle of citrus groves.That sense of separateness explains a lot, from the persistence of the island's notorious criminal underworld to the strength of the Sicilian dialect -- which some linguists have argued constitutes a separate language.Unhelpfully, members of Cosa Nostra -- as the Sicilian criminal syndicate is also known -- these days don't often dress the way they do in the movies so, although you may come across them on the island, you probably won't know it.The 8th of December is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Festa dell’Immacolata Concezione), the Madonna is also a patron of the city and the main celebrations in the Chiesa di San Francesco d’Assisi is filled with pomp and ancient religious traditions.The celebration of the Immaculate Conception is an important celebration throughout Italy and other predominantly Roman Catholic countries, here in Sicily it is a public holiday and is filled with suggestive religious celebrations.

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