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We started going to weird experiential music performances and on to bars.I was a total garbagehead then; my first drink might be respectable, but as I progressed I'd drink anything that came along – a half-warm bottle of Heineken someone else might have been drinking and left a cigarette butt in, say.Gary Gray .— Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, Nathalie Emmanuel and Tyrese Gibson — had gathered to shoot the traditional barbecue scene hosted by Diesel's Dom Toretto.That's when Diesel, 49, says it fully hit him that Walker, who died in a car crash in 2013 while shooting 2015's character Brian O'Conner,"I had never done a barbecue scene without him.But the whole point of Cuba was an homage, pulling Paul into the opening sequence of," says Diesel."The sequence was answering something Paul would always tell me as producer: 'Vin, we need more racing, more racing.' Cuba was a glorified race sequence in a place and environment that allowed for an old-school racing sequence."also gives another big nod to Walker in the story, which Diesel calls "the greatest tribute."As to whether Walker would have appreciated the eighth movie, Diesel takes a long pause before answering."I’m afraid to ask him.So jumping into this movie and respecting Paul's legacy was part of every major choice that happened," says Gray. People were not used to shooting without their brother. But it also helped pull them through to dedicate this to him."One of the final scenes in the filmmakers worked references to Walker's character into the opening street race sequence shot in Havana.

Hotel Features The non-smoking, three-story La Quinta Inn & Suites offers 65 rooms including flat-panel TVs with expanded cable channels, coffeemakers, hairdryers, irons with ironing boards and alarm clocks.

I'd watch her go through lots of relationships and all the turmoil that brought.

If you listen enough to a person's problems, eventually you think of them as a friend.

Waters’ protagonist, Frances Wray, a genteel spinster who lives with her mother, feels little need to keep her love secret.

It is this, in part, that leads her clandestine affair with the married Lilian Barber to turn from a “love story” into a “crime story” and accompanying courtroom drama. Crimes and passions were captivatingly combined in her Man Booker shortlisted Fingersmith.

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