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After the apocalypse, this is where Scientologists will land their spaceship as they return home to Earth.It’s called Trementina base, in a remote stretch of the New Mexico desert.For his final act, our anonymous pilot this week has taken us over perhaps that most iconic of CST vault locations, the secret complex in New Mexico near the town of Trementina.The property is in a very remote location, and isn’t easy to get to, as John Sweeney and Marc Headley learned a couple of years ago.Three weeks ago we got an unprecedented look at the ranch in San Luis Obispo County where Scientology founder L. Two weeks ago, he took us over Scientology’s vault location in the Sierra foothills of California, the Lady Washington Mine.

The compound is pretty easily spotted and prominently labeled on Google Earth, and the CST logo carved into the high desert is easily visible, along with the nearby landing strip…

However, footage from KRQE TV shows the presence of a vault built into the mountainside between the runway and the CST logo.

An aerial photograph showing the base's enormous Scientology symbols on the ground caused media interest and broke the story in November 2005.

According to the CST, an entity formed to manage the Church of Scientology's copyright affairs, the purpose of the base is to provide storage space for an archiving project to preserve Scientology founder L.

Ron Hubbard's writings, films and recordings for future generations.

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