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.” But the state-run quoted an official from the ministry of transport who said the government blocked the site because it was part of a “coordinated smear campaign.” The article went on to say a Wikipedia entry claimed Turkey was aligned with various terrorist organizations.

Turkey asked the site to remove the article, according to the Confirmed: All editions of the #Wikipedia online encyclopedia blocked in #Turkey as of AM local time Fol Rms Os I9tn4b He5 — Turkey Blocks (@Turkey Blocks) April 29, 2017It is not unusual for Turkey to block popular websites, and it has previously barred people from logging onto social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, usually during large protests.

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The rationale behind the clustering is that broadly speaking, population can be segmented into clusters based on their behavioural attributes (which in this project are accessed using Ok Cupid questions and answers) and we can find a representative profile which broadly matches that cluster.

The goal of this page is to present the analysis on online dating trends (some initial ideas are: form clusters of dating profiles of men and women based on the questions they answer and the values in the partner they cannot compromise on; and then for each cluster try to make an ideal profile which would achieve greater than 90% match rate).

I will be working with Ok Cupid's dataset and using Weka to train, cluster and visualize Ok Cupid's dataset.

Inspiration from this Math geek To be able to understand how Ok Cupid works, the first step was to create a almost-fake account for myself.

The reason i say almost is, I still want to be taken as a legit user by the online dating community.

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Turkey blocked access to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia on Saturday, citing a law that allows the government to ban certain websites for the protection of the public.

Online dating is against ROBLOX's Rules of Conduct, and anyone who participates in said activities risks getting banned.

Despite this, some new users break this rule without knowing.

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