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I sucked her cock, she smiled, I came on her face she smiled. She smiled at me sincerely and asked, are you ready?

She greeted my politely, asked after my health and told me she had never forgotten me.

When some other guy buys her a yacht, there will always be the next batch.

There is no more dangerous creature that fascinates man than Scorpion.

This is an Asian phenomenon and nightly thousands of businessmen like to hire a private room that comes with a bevvy of girls to stroke your leg, keep your drink full and do the singing for you.

But be forewarned; they can be relentless in their efforts to stack your bill and don’t be surprised if it all adds up to five figures by the end, with absurd charges (e.g. There’s a handful along , likely monopolised by a mafia, with the same rip off experience, tatty rooms, obnoxious girls and large bouncer waiting for you to argue over the bill.

This scam happens when tourists go to police and claim they were attacked and robbed.

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