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A Crittenden, Kentucky man has been arrested for soliciting a 12 minor to engage in sexual behavior by means of an electronic device. Boone County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 100 block of Deer Trace Drive in Walton, Kentucky for a shooting which left one man dead.

The Boone and Crockett Club's Records Committee, which is the governing body of the Club's records-keeping activities, created the Special Judges Panel with the express purpose of verifying and announcing potential new World's Records as they are submitted during any triennial Awards Program.

The antebellum era plantation is located in Mount Pleasant, Charleston County, South Carolina, U. A., and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The plantation includes a large Colonial Revival plantation house (completed in 1936) that replaced the lost original house on the site, a number of slave cabins or cottages (which were occupied by sharecroppers well into the 20th century), several flower gardens, and the historic "Avenue of Oaks" an expanse of over a kilometer along the up to the house) from owner Theophilus Patey, to his daughter Elizabeth and her new husband, Major John Boone as a wedding gift when the land became known as Boone Hall Plantation though it is unknown when a house was built on the site.

A Special Judges Panel was convened on January 2, 2009, to verify the final score of Denny Austad's non-typical American elk and certify it as a new World's Record. BOONE AND CROCKETT CLUB CONFIRMS NEW WORLD'S RECORD NON-TYPICAL AMERICAN ELK FRIDAY, JANUARY 2, 2009 MISSOULA, Mont.—Perhaps the largest elk ever produced in the wild—a Utah bull taken in 2008 by a hunter on public land—has been confirmed as a new World's Record.

The Special Judges Panel consisted of four long-standing Boone and Crockett Club Official Measurers (from left) Frederick J. The official declaration was made today by the Boone and Crockett Club.

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