Off line dating

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Between Tinder, Ok Cupid,, and countless other dating sites, we would infer there really is an app for everyone.

However for many, the constant influx of virtual interactions eventually become tedious and disappointing.

If you’re fed up of clicking refresh, perhaps it’s about time you tried taking dating offline. You’ve got with friends, and friends of friends, and now the social pond of options has been exhausted. Hit the bars and clubs of London in the hopes of finding a drunken kiss that may just bloom into romance. Continue to spend weekends with old friends, hoping that someone new will conveniently appear without you having to branch out. With Social Concierge I wanted to create an offline dating agency where the focus was on expanding your social circles with people who happened to be single.

Plus the transition from chatting online and meeting in person can be disappointing and awkward.

“I’ve never had to be more online,” says Abrahams, who has been fielding tweets from interested and aggrieved parties alike since the video went live.

The idea was simple: to “bring the immediacy of online dating to offline dating,” says Abrahams.

“He was like, ‘This is the least romantic thing I’ve ever seen’.The company, which officially launched in December 2016, encourages the idea of “offline dating.”“We wanted to create a service that respected our client’s privacy, respect their time and make the process of finding a marriage partner fun again.So the matchmaker — a real human being, not a computer or site search criteria — does a lot of the initial work.All you have to do is choose who you like, and either plan a date (with the help of Encounter and Yelp suggestions) or just show up.Your dates can’t contact you unless you give permission within the app, so there’s no stress over giving out personal information or figuring out how to tell someone, in a nice way, that you never want to see them again.

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