Wealthy dating melbourne

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A recent survey showed most women still dream of marrying a millionaire.A year ago Kim Perez, 43 and working in a chemist’s shop, set out to fulfil that ambition.And no more worries about where your children will get into college (or how to pay for it). But how realistic is it for you, an ordinary wage slave with no more ties to the jet set than a business trip to Cleveland last month, to even meet, much less marry, a billionaire?A seven-figure donation from your beloved to the school of your choice and your kids are in the door, even if they're no smarter than grapefruit. We scoured the how-to-marry-rich literature and talked to society watchers, upscale matchmakers and wealth experts. Unfortunately, those who had already made it to Fat City refused to say how they got there. Fortunately, the ranks of those who are filthy rich, if not quite in the billionaire stratosphere, are increasing daily.

Others have raised concerns the safety of meeting a stranger alone in a foreign land.No more scrimping and scraping to make your annual Roth IRA contribution.No more working until you drop to ensure a comfortable retirement.Feisty Natalie, from Canterbury, Kent, got a taste for the five star lifestyle after signing up to dating site m in 2014.For instance, Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York City are places you can easily meet the affluent classes online hookup ads of rich men because of the wealthy job market. University graduate Natalie reckons her dates have spent more than 60,000 taking her on luxury holidays and lavishing her with flashy gifts.

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