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The mechanism of action is not exactly known, however, its thought to block receptors of dopamine in the brain, a chemical used for cell-to-cell communication.Tell your veterinarian if your pet has liver disease, heart disease, seizure disorders, or if the pet is pregnant or lactating.

I just thought it’d be better included in my journal rather than off on its own. Mosquitoes struggle to bite through thick cotton, but these fibres are just so easy for them.

In itself that’s not surprising because breastfeeding is yet another aspect of reproduction and all animal reproduction, including human reproduction, has very high rates of wastage from miscarriage, death during childbirth and death in the early months of infancy.

What’s surprising is that deaths from breastfeeding, which in industrialized countries had been reduced to zero with the advent of infant formula, have begun to rise again.

The scientific literature contains new and disturbing reports of infant deaths due to hypernatremic dehydration as a result of inadequate breast milk consumption, deaths from falling out of mothers’ hospital beds as a result of pressure to room-in to promote breastfeeding, and, most recently, reports of hyponatremia due to dilution of breastmilk with water.

It’s only a matter of time before there are illnesses and deaths from contaminated breastmilk bought and traded on the internet. They’re dying because lactivists are lying, exaggerating the benefits of breastfeeding far, far beyond anything in the scientific literature.

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