Updatepanel hidden field not updating anime network on demand directv not updating

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package org.primefaces.misc; import javax.faces.application.

I'm looking for the most efficient / standard way of passing data between client-side Java Script code and C# code behind an ASP. I've been using the following methods to achieve this but they all feel a bit of a fudge.

For example a hover panel placed into an update panel will lose it’s positioning in many cases and instead of popping up at the current mouse cursor position will pop up at the border of the container control it lives in.

To add an update panel to your page select it from the "Forms" tab of the Toolbox window.It contains three major parts: it runs all dispose scripts for the update panel, then it executes function. It registers dispose Javascript scripts for any control during Update Panel refresh or delete. So if you add a script that clears all the useless options of the select on dispose, you get instantaneous update! I realized that on Internet Explorer it took just as much to clear the options as it took to dispose them in the _destroy Tree function.It recursively takes all html elements in an Update Panel div and tries to dispose them, their associated controls and their associated behaviours. The only way I could make it work instantly is with (select).To pass data from Java Script to the C# code is by setting hidden ASP variables and triggering a postback: These methods have served me well and do the job, but they just don't feel complete.Is there a more standard way of passing data between client side Java Script and C# back-end code?

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